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Is it Time to Replace Your Well Pump?

If your home draws water from a well, you have the advantage of not paying municipal water prices but you incur the responsibility of maintaining the equipment that runs the water into your home. Understanding the proper function of your well pump can ensure necessary...

What is a sump pump?

While home shopping, you may come across homes that feature a sump pump, or a battery back-up sump pump. If you’re unfamiliar with these, or your previous homes haven’t had one, it’s important to know what their purpose is and how they can benefit your home. A sump...

The Consequences of Roots

During the spring, we receive a lot of calls for backed up drains and roots in pipes. According to the Davey Tree Institute, tree root growth slows around 36 degrees Fahrenheit, and when it’s freezing, root growth pauses until the soil warms again. Roots damage pipes...

Benefits of a Water Softener

Regardless if your home water supply is from a well or from a city main, you might notice some strange qualities about it. In city water treatment, a variety of systems and chemicals are used to filter and purify the water to standards acceptable for home use and...

Preventing Frozen Pipes

Preventing frozen pipes is a lot easier and less costly than having to thaw them out or clean them up after they’ve burst. A quick audit of your home’s plumbing and a few preventative measures can protect your pipes against freezing this winter. Cover all exposed...