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It is not too late to start a few more New Year’s resolutions for yourself and your home. One of your New Year’s resolutions should be to keep your plumbing in top shape.  After all, the last thing you need is to deal with a plumbing crisis especially during these times when we are spending more time close to home.
Many times New Year’s resolutions can prove difficult to keep, but your plumbing resolutions should be as easy as possible. Here are five inexpensive, easy New Year’s plumbing resolutions anyone can do in 2021.
Get an Annual Inspection
You should have a trusted plumber come at least once a year to your home to inspect everything. At the same time, they’ll clean your drains and let you know if you have anything to be concerned about. A plumbing inspection costs about $200 on average but it can save you thousands down the line and give you peace of mind. 
Get Drain Guards
Drain guards can protect your pipes from clogs and keep things from sliding down the drain that shouldn’t. They are fairly inexpensive and won’t damage your drains. Drain guards can cost anywhere from $2 to $15 each. 
Insulate Pipes
If your pipes aren’t insulated, they get cold in winter and cause the water to lose some of its heat. Insulating your pipes will also keep your cold water cool in the summers. Piping insulation is a thick foam that covers the pipes, and starting costs are very affordable and vary depending on where you live, ease of access, and the length of your pipes. 
Install Water Filtration
Your area may have hard water or harsh chemicals that end up in your shower or faucets. This can dry out your skin. Set an easy New Year’s plumbing resolution to install a water filtration system that can provide clean drinking water out of the tap and improve the care of your hair and skin in the shower. The average cost for these systems is $1,800. 
Cut Down Your Water Usage
One of the best money-saving, easy New Year’s plumbing resolutions is to cut down on your water usage. Cutting down your water usage can preserve water and save you money. Most households can save up to $100 a year on their water bill while conserving thousands of gallons of water with a few changes to their water usage. 
Even small adjustments can make a huge difference. Try turning off the water while you brush your teeth, and only turning on water from the faucet or shower when you’re rinsing off. 
These easy New Year’s plumbing resolutions can save you time and money and keep your home plumbing system running smoothly. It is easy to effectively maintain your plumbing affordably, especially when compared to large emergency plumbing bills. You can’t put a price on your peace of mind this New Year knowing that your plumbing is working as it should.