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Slow bathtub drains are not a major household problem, but they can certainly put your life on the slow track. All plumbing systems develop clogs, there is no way to avoid it. Like any other drain in your home, your bathtub drain requires regular cleaning and maintenance. If this routine maintenance is neglected, you run the risk of having to stand in a steadily rising pool of used, murky bathwater.

In most cases, the cause of a slow bathtub drain is a “clog” that hinders the flow of water. Clogged drainage can have a severe impact on your home’s efficiency and the health of your loved ones. If not treated on time, it has the potential to cause serious damages and increase repair costs.

What causes a clogged drain? 

Bathtub clogged drains are usually caused by a build-up of soap, oil, dirt, and particularly human hair – they all can easily block the bathtub drainage system as they slowly build up over time. However, taking early maintenance steps and investing in regular drain cleaning services can help you to prevent major issues. 

What can you do to prevent bathtub drain clog? 

You have to be careful with what you allow to go down in the bathtub and shower drain. We recommend you follow the below-mentioned points to prevent future clogging.

  • Invest in a drain cover/bathtub drain stopper – When it comes to slow bath drains, hair is usually the main culprit. A drain cover traps and prevents hair (and debris) from entering the drainage system.  
  • Mind the soap – Most traditional soaps contain fat. The fat combines with minerals in water and leaves a hard residue that clogs pipes. A secure soap dish can often help in reducing this buildup.
  • Run hot water – A viable solution is to keep the water running in full force for an extra few minutes. Sometimes, an extra flow of hot, clean water is all you need to clear up minor buildups. 
  • Toilet Plunger – This is a simple tool that every homeowner should have. Many slow drains will respond to the suction of a plunger and this simple solution may provide a cure to your slow drain ails.

Call the local plumbing professionals

Unfortunately, once the drainage problems have begun, they will usually only get worse over time unless action is taken. Sometimes it is best to put in a request for reliable plumbing services. A plumbing professional is your best bet. Their knowledge and experience can save you money with early detection. 

Bear in mind that frequent slow drains can be a sign of a severe blockage in the making, which if left untreated can escalate into serious damages. If you have any more questions about maintaining the integrity of your home’s drains or need to talk to someone about fixing a troubling clog, call the professionals for reliable plumbing services.