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Low water pressure in a shower is one of the most frustrating issues to have in a home. It can make every shower unsatisfactory and getting properly clean seemingly impossible. Even worse, the internal causes can be challenging to diagnose, as there is often no visible symptoms on the outside. These are some common reasons for low water pressure in the shower.

Faulty Fixtures: A good way to tell if the issue relates to the fixture itself rather than the entirety of the plumbing is if only the shower has low pressure. This most likely indicates that the problem is located in the shower head. An old, clogged shower head will not effectively release water, leading to low water pressure. For shower heads, there are generally two feature-specific causes to low water pressure. First, a clogged aerator can cause water to weakly flow. If the problem persists even after the aerator has been properly cleaned, then that might indicate a clog further down in the pipe. If the shower head fixture can’t be salvaged, then replace it!  Replacing a shower head is a simple fix and there are plenty of different style shower heads to choose from.

Low Pressure Hot Water: If only your hot water faucet has low pressure, then the issue might stem from your hot water heater itself. In this case, make sure that the shut-off value for the hot water tank is fully open, in order to let the hot water flow completely unobstructed to all of your appliances. If opening the valve doesn’t improve the hot water flow, then calling a professional for further diagnostic help is recommended.

Whole-House Water Pressure: If your entire house is affected from low water pressure —not just your shower—it might be a sign that your whole neighborhood suffers from low water pressure. Consult with your neighbors to see if they experience similar problems. If they do, it might be a smart idea to install a water pressure booster to increase the pressure heading towards your kitchen and bathrooms. If your whole house is affected but your neighbors haven’t noted any issues in their own home, then a previous owner might have installed a pressure reducing value. This installation limits the force of the water coming to your house, and therefore, the water pressure in your shower as well.

Seek Help from a Professional Plumber

There are a variety of different reasons for low water pressure in the shower. While a number of these issues can be fixed with simple solutions on your own, others require more professional knowledge in order to effectively solve the problem. If you’re uncertain about the cause or tried once to fix the water pressure on your own with no success, it most likely means it is time to let a trained professional plumber assist you.

Some of the more serious issues may call for the assistance of trained professionals to ensure that a proper solution is given. If you’re experiencing low water pressure in your showers, don’t wait a minute longer before investigating the cause. Let Benjamin Franklin Plumbing in Chardon be your go-to source whenever you’re in need of a skilled and experienced plumbing contractor. Call 440-286-6002 anytime!