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The summer months are supposed to be fun and carefree, where the whole family enjoys the nice weather and outdoors. However, the season can also bring a whole new variety of plumbing issues to look out for. Make sure that you spend your summer relaxing —not fixing plumbing issues— by addressing any potential problems and constantly adhering proper maintenance to your plumbing and appliances.

Basement Flooding: Heavy rain and intense thunder storms that occur during the summer months can quickly cause your basement to flood. Before the summer season comes around, make sure that your sump pump is in working order to help avoid any larger issues. A working sump pump can make the difference between efficient water removal and expensive damage to your home. 

Clogged Disposal: Hosting parties and cookouts during warm weather can be fun but can also cause some serious stress to your disposal. All of the prep and leftover scraps of food from preparing for hosting an event can add up in your disposal system. Nip a clog in the bud before it causes even bigger plumbing problems on your property.

Overloaded Washing Machines: The amount of physical activities that occur during the summer —and the resulting amount of dirty laundry that needs to be cleaned— can put a strain on your washing machine. If you are constantly washing up heaps of clothes, be sure to double check that there are no leakages or breaks in the hose. Some washing machines have the tendency to overheat as well, so for some units it might be a good idea to move it an inch or so away from the wall in order to let excess hot air escape.

Sprinkler Issues: The combination of sprinklers and lawn usage can often have unintentionally disastrous results. During the summer months, there’s more traffic going on all around your property —lawn mowers, grill parties, neighborhood-wide sports games. This excess traffic can result in unintentional damage to your sprinkler system. Attempting to use a broken sprinkler can cause an even more significant amount of damage, so be sure to check your sprinkler system before use.

Slow-draining Showers: The summer is filled with adventurous outdoor activities that often can bring part of the outdoors back inside when the family returns home. It’s natural to shower off after a sweaty activity, but all of the outdoor elements that you wash off can become trapped in your drain. Dirt, wet leaves, sand, and more can all build up and clog your shower drains. If you notice that your tub or shower is draining slower than normal, check the drains for a clog. Catching a clog early on can be simple to fix, so don’t wait before investigating.

Summer might be the season of fun, but it can also bring about plumbing issues as well. Be sure to complete proper maintenance on your entire plumbing system in order to prevent any issues. And, if you notice any small problems start to happen that cannot be fixed on your own, call a trained plumbing professional before the issues escalate even further.